FSC is an international not-for-profit membership-based organization that brings people together to find

solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices and to reward good forest management.

Let Aim Enter show you how we can offer FSC certified printwork to Your Company

From a customer perspective, the FSC label represents a promise that is being made to them.

Chain of custody standards are the mechanism FSC has to ensure that 'promise' is delivered

The identity of any company can have a significant impact on future sales. Consumer attitudes are influenced primarily by image product, personal value, identity, cost and demographics. Therefore, sales have a successful future with a defined company concept that has image, niche advertising and responsive action which matches the consumer identity, needs and wants. Aim Enter is focused to create and deliver your company’s concept.

Aim Enter is detail oriented. Providing critical attention to all aspects that fully support your company to ensure the production of printed material comes together through the use of the following combination of services to create the look of your company image, identity, needs and wants:

• Image Concept and Design     • Artwork Concept

• Essential Printing                   • Computer Graphics and Type-Setting

• Bindery Services                   • Marketing Requirements

• Photography Services            • Restoration and Manipulation      • Large Format Prints        • Paper Products

Aim Enter has the technical expertise, proficiency and resources to ensure all of the challenges unique to - Prepress, Printing and Bindery are met once the company sign-off approval on the design is achieved.

Aim Enter was formed in the Fall of 1997 and has a dedicated, experienced and resourceful group of staff who are consumer and company focused to provide every step of the way toward your company’s CONCEPT TO PRINT.

Aim Enter our word is your company’s guarantee of trust and assurance of work completed, meeting all deadlines. There is no company too small or too large for Aim Enter. No project is too big and your satisfaction is guaranteed to the highest standards of work Aim Enter can provide.





Aim Enter is frequently requested to customize calendars that are specifically designed to reflect, promote and itemize your company’s events on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.




Aim Enter can provide a full catalogue service in the areas of logos, catalogues and folded literature. Your company’s product can be designed, created and taken to full press, if needed. Similarly, smaller runs to meet your company’s budget requirements of any particular project can be accommodated. For example, if your company’s project only requires a smaller three folded brochure, this can be designed to meet all of the specifications your company has in mind. Logos and design of letterheads are also available for your stationary needs and requirements.




Aim Enter can take your current menu and give you a totally new design that appeals to present customers and catch the interest of potentially new customers. Aim Enter will work with you on the design and assist you in creating a new concept or look to compliment your menu and the talents of your kitchen staff. Should photography be required to assist in the presentation of the food items, on the menu, professional staff are available.






Aim Enter can supply quality business cards and any other type of promotional material your company may require. A new look can be created for your company’s business cards that better promotes your company product to customers.








We can supply a full photographic service of your product, we are a digital

studio who is also capable of location work with our equipment. Large Format

printing is available in studio from our Epson 9600.